Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns

Delivery information

Kerryfresh operate orders and deliveries on a Day 1 for Day 3 order process for orders placed before 16:00 local time on day 1.  For example place an order before 1600 on a Monday and the order would be delivered on Day 3 (Wednesday).  If an order is placed after 1600 on Day 1 (Tuesday) the order would then be scheduled for Day 4 (Friday).  The exceptions to these rules are where your next scheduled visit does not align to this method, for example you are routed for deliveries on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and you place an order on Monday before 1600 the order will be rescheduled from Wednesday to Thursday to be aligned with your routed day.

Returns, exchanges and credits

Please ensure you check your delivery against your order to ensure your order is fulfilled in full, if anything is missing please ensure you inform the Van Sales Representative (VSR) who can rectify the issue either with the correct stock or a credit to your order.  If any products are damaged please inform the Van Sales Representative who can credit your order for the damaged stock.  Products that have Sale or Return (SOR) can be returned to Kerryfresh if they have reached their sellable life.  These need to be kept and passed back to your VSR at the next visit to the VSR who will credit your account with the cost of those products.