Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of your Pricelist or Special Offers flyer?

The Pricelist contains our complete product range available and contact information. Our Special Offer flyer contains our latest promotions, new products, product updates and helpful chilled advice. The easiest way to obtain them is to ask your Van Sales Representative for the latest version. Alternatively you can contact the Customer Service Team on 0800 121 4688 who will send them out to you, or view all our products here.

What level of discount will I receive?

Your spend is rewarded with a discount based on the value of your order. The prices you see advertised are exclusive of this discount, so you could save even more on every order that you place. Please see our How to Buy page for more details.

My chiller has broken / I don’t need my regular delivery

Should you have any problems with your chiller please contact either your local Sales Centre or our Customer Service Team on 0800 121 4688 to advise them of the issue and we will amend/stop your delivery schedule as necessary.

I’d like to change the frequency of my deliveries

If you would like to have more/less frequent deliveries please inform your Van Sales Representative of your preferred change. They will put the request to your Sales Centre Manager who will contact you regarding your proposed change, alternatively please speak to our Customer Service Team on 0800 121 4688.

My Van Sales Representative hasn’t turned up, what should I do?

We will make every effort to contact you if we think there will be disruption to your normal delivery time/schedule. Unfortunately not all events are predictable eg: unforeseen weather conditions/traffic accidents. If your Van Sales Representative hasn’t turned up please contact either your Sales Centre or the Customer Service Team on 0800 121 4688 who will be able to update you on the situation.

My invoice and delivery don’t match?

In the event of a discrepancy, please contact the Customer Service Team on 0800 121 4688 who will investigate the query with your Sales Centre. Your Sales Centre will then call you to update you on the action to be taken.

What is your policy on Sale or Return?

Sale or Return means if you don’t sell a product bought from us, we will return it back and refund the cost you paid for it. We offer managed Sale or Return (SOR) on a variety of products, highlighted in our Pricelist, Special Offer flyer and online.*

*Sale or Return (SOR) is discretionary and subject to review.


All of the products shown on our website/in our pricelist are available to order directly from this online shop or via a Kerryfresh Van Sales Representative, with many products being instantly available from our vans**. Don't worry if you forget to order something, simply contact our Customer Service Team who can add this to your next delivery.


In addition to the prices displayed online & in our pricelist we are able to offer further discount based on your average weekly spend. To calculate this we take your previous year's total spend and divide it by the number of weeks you have ordered. Your discount will be fixed for a year but can be reviewed if there is a significant change. Any new customer will receive a minimum of 5% introductory discount for the first 5 weeks to help establish their range, after this your discount will be reviewed.  Please note some products do not receive discounts these are highlighted within our price list and within the online store.

£0-£149.99   0% discount
£150-£199.99   3% discount
£200-£299.99   5% discount
£300-£399.99   7% discount
£400+   9% discount



Invoices can be paid by direct debit, cash on delivery or via your chosen buying group, for further information please contact our Customer Service Team.


*£30 minimum order online **Dependant on van stocks