Ordering Help

Ordering Help

Placing an order with Kerryfresh is easy. You will be taken through the steps to create an account when you place your first order online, you are also able to place orders directly with your Van Sales Representives when they visit.

When you create a new account your password will be emailed to you so you can sign-in to your account for future orders. You can change your password when you've signed in to make it something more memorable to you.

Below is a short video showing how to place your order:

Here are the steps you need to follow to place an order:

1. Find the items you would like to buy

First you will need to browse or search for the items you would like to order. Keyword search boxes are located on nearly every page of our online shop. When you find an item that interests you, click the title or name of the item to find out more details about it. You can also browse the category pages or listed down the left hand side of each page.

2. Add the items to your Shopping Basket

If you want to order an item from our online shop, click the "Add to Basket" button on the item's product information page. Once you've added an item to your Shopping Basket, keep searching or browsing until your basket contains all of the items you want to order. You can check the contents of your Shopping Basket at any time by clicking the link at the top of every page of our website.

3. Proceed to checkout

When you're ready to place an order for everything in the Shopping Basket, click the "Proceed to checkout" button. You will be taken to the first page of the checkout.

4. Sign in

Indicate whether you are a new or existing customer and click on the appropriate button.

For new customers please click on 'I'm a New Customer' and proceed to enter your address details.
If you are an existing customer please click on 'I'm a Returning Customer', you must enter your email address and password to sign in. This will have been sent to you when you made your first order. Please remember to check your 'Junk' folder if you can't find this email. Alternatively please use the 'Forgotten Password' link.

5. Enter your details

Please fill your personal details as required, Please remember that the e-mail address you provide here will be the only e-mail address on your Kerryfresh account. A password will be automatically generated and forwarded to the email address you provide us with.

All orders will be dispatched to the delivery address provided, if an alternative address is required please fill this in once you proceed to the next step. The dispatch method will depend on which delivery days your are routed.

6. Check and submit your order

Check the accuracy all of the information you have provided and make any necessary adjustments. A delivery note can be placed in the box provided if further information is needed.

When you are ready click the "Place Your Order" button to submit your order. Once you place your order you will see the following message "Thank you--we have received your order". Later you'll receive an order confirmation e-mail. We will send you another e-mail message at the time of dispatch. When you place your order we will acknowledge your wish to enter into a sales contract with us by means of the order confirmation email. The sales contract between us is not actually entered into until the dispatch confirmation email is issued.

7. Providing payment

We do not currently accept payment through our website. Depending on your account set up there are 3 options to pay; by cash on delivery, credit or via a third party. Please speak to our Customer Service team on 0800 121 4688 if you would like more information on or would like to change your account set up.

8. How do I know the order has been placed?

You'll know the order has been placed when you reach a page that displays the following message: "Thank you--we have received your order". Later you'll receive an order confirmation e-mail.

9. When will I receive my order?

Orders can be placed upto 16:00 everyday for a day 1 for day 3 delivery, for instance if you place an order on Monday before 16:00 your order will be arranged for delivery on Wednesday, if you place an order after 16:00 on Monday the order would be arranged for delivery on Thrusday.  The exceptions to this rule is dependent of the days your deliveries are arranged for as discussed with your Kerryfresh representative, so if you deliveries are scheduled for Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and you place an order on Monday before 16:00, we will automatically schedule your delivery for your next available routed day so in this example Thursday. 

10. Is there a minimum order?

For online orders we have a minimum order value of £30 based on Wholesale Price.

11. I get discount why doesn't it show my discount at Checkout?

At the moment we are unable to show your discount via our online store, please feel confident that your discount will be applied when you order is delivered and will be shown on your Kerryfresh invoice.

12. Where is my order?

If you recently placed an order and you're wondering why you haven't received it yet, you should first check:

  1. Confirm you received a confirmation email with your order
  2. Contact Kerryfresh via our Customer Service team on 0800 121 4688 or via the contact us page

Note: if you can't find the order in Your Account, it may be that you didn't place it successfully. Click "View Basket" at the top of any page and see if the items you wanted to order are still there. If they are, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button and place your order. If you can't find the order in Your Account or in your shopping basket, please check whether you have ordered using a different e-mail address, or the same e-mail address with a different password.