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Retailer tips for a successful fresh meat range

  • To ensure the meat does not discolour you will need a Meat Display Lighting Tube or the equivalent. Incorrect lighting can affect the colour, smell, flavour and rate of spoilage of the meat. These tubes are widely available from leading refrigeration suppliers: Hobbs Refrigeration 01761 414356 or M&K ingredients 01395 234970.

  • Fresh meat should always be stored on the bottom shelf of your chiller to avoid cross contamination with other products.

  • Fresh meat must be stacked properly and the right way up at all times. It must not be stacked on its side or upside down.

  • Your chiller should be maintained between 0°C - 4°C.

  • Care should be taken when handling meat as rough handling can cause damage to the container or pierce the film lid. Do not let the fresh meat touch the film of the packaging.

  • Never stack fresh meat on top of any other product in the basket. It must be kept in the bottom of the basket or delivered into store separately.

  • Fresh meat must not be kept outside of the chill chain. Deliveries must be put directly into the chiller, never leave in the bottom of the basket outside of the chill chain.

  • In the event of damaged packaging, segregate and dispose of any other product contaminated by fresh meat juices.

  • Display point of sale in the chiller to make customers aware you’re selling fresh meat and highlight the 2 for £6 promotion.

  • Use 2 for £6 stickers/barkers to offer shoppers value for money and encourage rate of sale. Request your barker in the post here. Stickers are available from your Van Sales Rep.

2 for £6 fresh meat barker